To order, please telephone or send me an e-mail with the list of photographs, print sizes, and any special photo treatments or other requests.

I will send an invoice with the completed order so you can pay by check.

Tel: (925) 459-5716

fax (925) 262-8163



Single Prints


Print Size and Finishes (Important! Please Read)

Print Size and Aspect Ratio

As presented in the galleries, all photos are in a 2x3 aspect ratio.

Print sizes 4x6, 8x12, 12x18, 16x24, 20x30, and 24x36 will look as they do in the galleries

All other print sizes will require the gallery image to be cropped (including the popular 8x10)

This can drastically affect the look of the photograph, so I highly recommned ordering prints that fit the 2x3 ratio.

Print Finish

The three types of Finish Available are Glossy, Lustre and Matte

Glossy is a very smooth shiny surface with good color saturation. The problem with Glossy is that fingerprints show up extremely easily, because the finish is smooth and shiny galre is also a big problem when displayed. It is difficult to frame because the smooth surface will stick to the glass in spots creating areas that make it look like the print is wet.

Matte is a more textured surface, that does not take fingerprints, but is dull and does not have good color saturation.

Lustre is a relatively new finish. It has a textured surface like matte, so it less issues with glare, fingerprints, or sticking to the glass in a frame. But it has much of the color saturation of Glossy making it an excellent compromise between the look of the print and the practicality of handeling and displaying the print. I highly recommend Lustre unless you have specific reasons to want Matte or Glossy. Lustre is available in sizes up to and including 20"x30"